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China’s total foreign trade volume increasing more than 2,000-fold in 60-year
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“Made in China”- we can find those words in every country and region in the world, such as steel, machine, needle, string, food, close, shoes, refrigerator, television, mobile phones and computer. “Made in China” figure everywhere.
I remember there was a woman in American who has tried to resist the goods made in China. As a result, the household expenses have largely increased and their life became very difficult. What’s more, her actions brought his family’s complaint and dispute. At last, she has to give up the unwise practices.
  The case is only a very small side. But it reflects the Chinese’s contributions to the world economy. In fact, China used 30-year to jump to the third in the world’s economic powers from a closed country to all-the-round opening up. The data show that the total foreign trade volume has been reached 2.56163 trillion US dollars which increased 123-fold compared with 20.6 billion US dollars in 1978 and increased 2266-fold compared with 1.13 billion US dollars in 1950.
  It is well known that foreign trade is a very important model and channel to take part in the international corporation and competition. After 30-year of our new country founded, the development of foreign trade as the complementary means of expand production in the condition of communism has been greatly district because of all kinds of conditions home and abroad. The early 50’s of last century, China’s economy is in a recovery period, the total imports and exports remain in a low level which is less than 20 billion dollars. From the mid 50’s to 60’s, China’s foreign trade is mainly with a few countries such as Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The volume of the annual exports and imports has hovered in the level of 30 billion. In the 70’s, the volume of exports began to increase year by year with several large oil fields in China putting into operation. What’s more, the activity of foreign trade is more active and the corporation with developing countries has been gradually unfolded. In 1978, after the Third Plenum of the Eleventh Party, China’s economy has undergone tremendous changes in foreign trade in terms of both quality and quantity. We all achieve an unprecedented giant leap. Especially, after China’s accession to the WTO in December 2001, foreign trade also brought out new vitality and won the best and fastest period of development in history. The import and export trade in 2001 has amounted to 509.7 billion U.S. dollars and we first achieved to 1000 billion U.S. dollars in 2004. In 2007, the volume of foreign trade has achieved to the goal of 2000 billion U.S. dollars. Only after one year, the total volume of foreign trade has been up to a new level of 2500 billion U.S. dollars.
  According to the data provided by the State Statistical Bureau, since 1950, China’s total foreign trade volume has been broken 20 billion U.S. dollars during 29 years. We took 23 years from 20 billion U.S. dollars to 500 billion U.S. dollars, from 500 billion U.S. dollars to 1 trillion U.S. dollars by 3 years. We only use a short three years from 1 trillion to 2 trillion U.S. dollars. During the six years from 2002 to 2007, the total volume of import and export trade is the 23 times than the volume from opening up to the time we joined the WTO. In addition, China has also become the country with the largest foreign exchange reserves and attracted largest foreign investment in the developing countries.
  In addition to the size of a supernormal growth of foreign trade, the structure of export commodities also completed several major leaps and also reflects the deepening of China’s opening up and the trade patterns gradually improved. In 80’s of twenty century, our country realized the change from agricultural to industrial products. In the middle period of 80’s, we realized the change from primary products to manufactured goods. After into the new century, we further change to the direction of high-tech products such as IT.
  China has completed from the closed or semi-closed economy to an open

  China has completed from the closed or semi-closed economy to an open model of economy and created a successful model that takes the open road in the worldwide. At the same time, China also is trying to change the roles in the world from “bystander” of trade rules to the people who comply with the rules and then to framer of the rules. I believe that China will not only serve as the role of “Made in China” and will also be giving more and more the “China voices”. 
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